We’ve Moved!

Hi all,

I wanted to provide an update on where we’ve been. Back in February of 2014 Jesse and I, along with William Bracken & an additional partner, started a new consulting company. We focus on client and datacenter automation, primarily through System Center.  You can find our new blog posts here. Here’s a bit of information on the company.


The Model Way

Henry Ford’s creation of the Ford Model T car in 1908 was undoubtedly brilliant, but it was not what made him a pioneer. Ford’s true vision was brought to life when he fine-tuned the assembly line mode of production and enacted a method of keeping the best workers loyal to his company.

You see, he didn’t invent the product. He perfected the process. And he honored the people who worked hard to make it possible. In that, he revolutionized an industry.

At Model, we are inspired by the advancements we’ve seen in businesses through Microsoft automation technology.

Automation fascinates us, and helping businesses achieve their objectives through automation is our professional reason for being. Our team has invested years of our lives studying and perfecting the art of automation, and we are excited to share our expertise to help you see the breakthroughs for your business.

Just as equally, Model is passionate about cultivating a strong IT community. We know that our brand is a reflection of our people, and therefore we are committed to cultivating an empowered, champion technologist culture. And, beyond the Model team, we are invested in contributing to the growth of Microsoft technologies and the world of innovators who support it.