Changing the Data Location for the SCSM Self-Service Portal

Anybody who has installed and configured the SCSM 2012 Self-Service Portal (henceforth, SSP) has surely had their “adventures.” If you still have hair left in your bloody scalp and are looking for even more abuse, I recommend doing what I did and standing up a new Management Server whilst maintaining the desire to keep the previous SSP in tact.

I suppose I owe a little bit of a backstory. You see, the environment that I came into had moved from SCSM 2010 to SCSM 2012. As you may know, there is no direct and supported migration path between the two. However, the organization insisted that they be migrated instead of standing up a new environment. In the end, this proved to be a costly move as errors were rampant, scripts ran unsuccessfully and the health of the environment was worse than a toddler swapping snot at daycare.

I just realized that this has already became a relatively disgusting post. Rather than erase and rewrite, I will just apologize.

Anyway, all of this babbling is to simply provide you with the registry key that you need to change on your portal server. The key is:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\System Center\2010\Common\Database

You will want to alter the data of these two values:



If you are lucky enough to have a fully functional SSP after this change, let me know! I love success stories.


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