Management Point Problems?

You’ve probably seen the MP 500 error at some point in your SCCM career.

Call to HTTPSendRequestSync failed for port 80 with status code 500, text: internal server error

Well most of the fixes pertain to prereq’s, permissions, or port conflicts. But what if those items don’t resolve your issue? What if you install the MP and all is well. You’ve looked at MPControl, the application event log, MPlist and MPCert and everything is healthy but some time later (4-10 hrs) the dreaded 500 error returns.

Here are some typical troubleshooting steps for an unhealthy MP:

  • Check all MP prereq’s (IIS, etc…)
  • Check local group permissions on site servers
  • Verify DNS and connectivity (firewall, etc…)
  • Check the SQL DB for the MP server login and it’s DB role as SMSDBROLE_MP
  • Enable SQL logging for successful and unsuccessful logins to review in the app log
  • Check for the MP listening ports for bindings to 80 or 443 (netstat -an)
  • Check MPList http://<ServerName>/sms_mp/.sms_aut?mplist (should look like XML)
  • Check MPCert http://<ServerName>/sms_mp/.sms_aut?MPCert (should look like XML)
  • Check SPN (SETSPN -L serviceaccountname)
  • Check the W3 logs in InetPub
  • Verified the SCCM 2007 client isn’t installed on the 2012 MP


Still Broke?

There’s a pretty good thread out there that has the same issue and finds that it’s group policy related which can be found here .

Our Fix

We recently discovered that in our instance the Group policy conflict was service related. There was a policy in place that forced CCMExec to automatic. Removing that policy fixed the instance of the issue we ran into.


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