Converting Error Messages from Hex to Decimal

Recently, I was having issues distributing content to a specific Distribution Point. After parsing the distmgr.log, I came across a nugget. But, was this nugget fools gold?


How am I supposed to know what that error code means? Well, I could Google (or Bing) around until I stumble across an answer. Or, I could be more proactive and convert the string to decimal and then search through the Windows databanks for the meaning. Let’s choose NOT to be lazy today and go with option two.

First, open the Windows provided calculator and change the view to Programmer. Then, select Hex and plug in the last 4 digits of the error code (in this case, 06BA, or just 6BA as the 0 is null):


Next, just click Dec to convert the number to decimal:


Last, open a command prompt and type (without quotes) “net helpmsg <decimal number>” and hit enter for the error message:


In this example, the message reads “The RPC server is unavailable” which is actually pretty helpful, as it points WMI connectivity issues. Now, you can search the webs for the proper issue.


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