Content Missing from SMSBoot on Server 2003 PXE Service Point After Migration

I was just sitting here, randomly thinking about SCCM as I often do (no, really) and I remembered an issue I came across that took me down a rabbit hole that I never want anyone to go down. So, hopefully you randomly come across this blog first if you ever have this issue.

I had just migrated a SCCM 2007 R2 environment to SCCM 2012. The environment (unfortunately) included Distribution Points that were Server 2003 R2. Over the years, they were upgraded from their original Server 2003 install. Therefore, as WDS did not ship with the original OS bits, these PXE service points were sure to be an issue.

After the upgrade, I could not get any content into the SMSBoot directories. As this is typically indicative of an issue with the WDS service being stopped or the role misconfigured, I spent all of my time removing and reading, stopping and starting, etc. Eventually, I realized that I was on the failboat heading straight down the “Sea of Shame.”

I’ll go ahead and skip forward multiple hours of troubleshooting. The issue was that I was (for some reason) missing two .dll files on all of the Server 2003 R2 Distribution Points: bcdprov.dll and bcdsrv.dll. I had to find some from a working server, copy them over to %windir%\system32 and run regsvr32.exe on both to register them with the server. After doing so, all content appeared! Then, I waited 8 months to write a blog about it and here we are. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Content Missing from SMSBoot on Server 2003 PXE Service Point After Migration

    • Hi, Johan. In my case, those were the only two that were missing. However, I have seen cases in which WDS needed to be removed and reinstalled followed by registering those .dll files. Are the proper directories (SMSBoot, SMSImages, etc.) created and just not populated, or are they not there either?

      As much as I hate to say it, you may want to configure WDS on your Server 2003 machines first before adding the PXE Service Point. I’d be interested to see where you’re at if you have a moment to update me.

      • Hi seems that I had to do the following:
        – the 2 dll’s copy and register
        – install WAIK + reboot
        – reinstall WDS + reboot
        Then it works 🙂

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