WDS Role Disappearing from PXE Service Point After Imaging

I recently ran into a fun (by “fun” I mean “not fun”) issue during OSD. After I had PXE booted a machine and it successfully loaded PE, received policy, etc., I noticed something very peculiar…WDS was completely missing from my PXE Service Point. Not, stopped. Not improperly configured. Gone. Missing. No WDS.

After I questioned everything that I have ever learned, lived and loved, I got lucky. I checked the Site Status in SCCM (under Monitoring > System Status) and noticed that the Distribution Point role showed up twice for the same server, only one pointed to the proper drive and the other to the C drive!

After much reflecting, I came to the realization that I caused this while troubleshooting another issue. I had removed the DP role from the server, but left the SMSPKG directory in place. Therefore, when I added the role once again, SCCM attempted to install the DP to the drive with the most space. As the SMSPKG directory took up most of the space on its drive, SCCM attempted to configure the C drive.

Apparently, adding the PXE role to the DP made everything go haywire. So, I removed the DP role once again, and applied the oldest trick in the book…I created a file called no_sms_on_drive.sms and placed it on the drives in which I did not want the DP installed. After adding the DP role back and enabling PXE, WDS and I are good friends again.


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