SCCM 2012 Updates – Shortcut

Recently, I received the following from a reader:

“Dear Jesse-

I want to create a software update structure in SCCM 2012 that follows best practices and gives me the most efficient process possible. However, I just feel lazy today and just can’t seem to muster up the strength to right-click and create folders or collections. Do you have any way that I can cheat the system while still looking like a hero?

Yours truly,

Flabby Flabberson”

Well, Mr. Flabberson…I appreciate your lack of enthusiasm and general disdain for anything requiring effort. With that said, I have a perfect solution. Fittingly enough, I am too lazy to type that solution, so I will send you to Windows-Noob where they have a pre-created script that generates a nice little folder structure complete with all the collections you need. What nice guys!


Jesse-C-M (see what I did there?)


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