Forcing ETL Jobs in SCSM 2012 SP1

After a recent upgrade from SCSM 2010 to 2012 SP1 (which was done by none other than Jason Rutherford), I noticed that there were a couple Data Warehouse ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) jobs that were hanging. I determined that this was most likely due to an abundance of data that had been waiting to process, as the previous environment was unhealthy, which caused the jobs to timeout.

During my scouring of the interwebs looking for PowerShell commands, I came across a thread by the brilliant Travis Wright. As Travis constantly demos Service Manager, he found that waiting for the jobs to run according to their default setting (which is adaptable, but that’s beside the point) was holding back his progress. So, he wrote a script to constantly process the jobs until they report back as complete.

Bingo! This is exactly what I needed to ensure that the jobs would not timeout. So, I downloaded the script, changed a few variables to fit my environment and ran it against my jobs. A little bit later, all jobs were complete and all data had been processed!

Below is a link to the script. Hopefully, you find this handy for either your lab or production environment.

(It is important to note that this script will only run in SCSM 2012)


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